According to UNICEF, 18% children who are under “Child Marriage” in Vietnam.  The most percentage belongs to Northern Vietnam. According to Vietnamese law: men are at least 20 years old and women are at least 18 years old before marrying. Both spouses must also be given free consent. 

Early marriage is a violation of children’s human rights. Despite being prohibited by international law, it continues to rob millions of girls under 18 around the world of their childhood. 

My ongoing project started with the aim to look for answers to my personal questions: “How is the interior life of little girls who are experiencing ‘child marriage’?” and what are the complicated psychological movements these little girls experience being a young mother. 

Before I started following this project, I tried to put myself in those little girls’ shoes. I wondered if I were them, would I accept this situation and keep continuing to live? At that time, my answer was no. I could not. 

My project is like a diary in which include some intimate photos with their private stories, is the result of a long time to build the trust and relationship between me and these girls. 

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