Nhan Tran majored in Finance and Banking at Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City but soon realized that was not the career path that she truly wanted to follow.

She turned to practicing photography as a medium to express her thoughts and feelings, and the way she observes the world around her. She set her sights on pursuing the path of becoming a documentary photographer and photojournalist. During the processing of self-learning and self-practicing, she has begun to develop herself through several long-term photography projects. Her work now focuses on cultural life, recording social changes, and is predicated on the connection and intimacy between people whom she has opportunities to meet and interact with.

Her first ongoing long-term project “Things that remain” – shows her independent perspective on the lives of immigrant people who have lived in old apartment buildings for over 50 years. This project helps her to be selected to participate in Seeing the Light workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand, hosted by VII Academy.

She also was be given scholarship sponsored by VII academy to join Masterclass: Project Development: Finding your Vision and Voice, from Ed Kashi and Julie Winokur and honored to have selected as one of 24 mentees in the 2021 Women Photograph Mentorship Program.

Currently, she is working on another project that focuses on the Hmong ethnic minority throughout Vietnam, in particular the relationship between young mothers and their children, the influence of Vietnamese law on ethnic minority culture, as well as social issues affecting the Hmong people.

She also continues to take individual photographs and tried to find ways to connect “scattered dots into seamless, highly visual photographic series”.