INNOCENCE LOST (2019 – on-going)

Vietnam is a multiple-nationality country. Besides Kinh people are the majority, there are still 53 ethnic groups throughout the country with their own languages.

Hmong community in Vietnam which was gradually established by a small group who had fled from China to seek immigration scattered in the border of Vietnam, through many times until the end of 19th century.

By the end of 20th century, there wasn’t enough inhabited and remaining in the region for the traditional type of agriculture used by Hmong people. As a result, local governments enacted programs to force the Hmong people to change their very nature of the communities. Instead of continually moving to new areas, they had to switch to permanent cultivation on a single plot of land.

An ongoing documentary ‘INNOCENCE LOST” photo series which explores the relationship between Hmong ethnic minority in Northern Vietnam and their traditional culture, subconscious changes of their behavior which were expressed through the spiritual life.