Things that remain

Things that remain normally chronicles daily activities in some of each narrow houses in Saigon urbanization. In Saigon, there are many buildings which were  built since 1975. Over 50 years, the narrow living is continuing every day. All buildings here are divided into 4 groups, predicated on the capacity of bearing structure. From A to D level.

Things that remain focuses on describing daily life inside houses of level D, which is considering for clearance in a few days. During 4 months, I have met many people including family, coupes, individuals; entered their private life and gathered intimate conversations accompanying with happiness, sorrow and even sorrow from local people who couldn’t certainly determine how their future would be happening. The smallest house I came in, the more deeply stories I was heard. Some images here just a small part from many photos were taken during the time I stayed in Saigon.

Love, Joy, Happiness, Sorrow still remain here.

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