BnW (just for myself)

The series of black and white photographs below were taken in Saigon and Sapa, all regions located in Vietnam.

All photos were converted from color photos to BnW with the main purpose is seeking the difference between them (color and monochrome).

Someone said me, monochrome photos grab and hold an audience’s high attention and concentration that permit viewers have feeling about character and context better without many distractions about color.

I suppose that a good black and white photographs must have a wide color range and the more seamless of the changing of color range from Black to White photo has , the more successful it achieves and the more emotional that it takes. Whether you take photos by film camera or digital or even in editing, black and white photographs must keep the seamless of color range changing going through the pictures. The steps of the shades of grey must be smooth, not harsh from black to white.

A monochrome photo is not surely a black and white one, whereas, a black and white photo is absolutely  a monochrome photo.

Some of information you need pay attention in taking black and white photos:

  • Before shooting, we need certainly consider to choose color or black and white photo because each one has differently features.
  • If have a comparison between two kinds of photo in the same subject with general conditions, the most different point between them is that color photos give us a strong impression with more natural and realistic feeling than black and white.
  • If photos totally depend on your hobbies without  being affected theme, in that situation, all kinds of them  are not really important than the way would show your creation and story in the images. The realistic context is being passed through. Let shoot whatever you want! 🙂

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