Hey Hanoi (long-term project)

I remember, the first time I had opportunity to visit Hanoi since 2013. When I followed my sister, had a flight from Ho Chi Minh city to be met her partner in financial business.

When my sister booked return flight ticket, I asked her to let me be absent from home  for a half year. She said that was okay if I would like to be here. And after that, I started doing some small jobs to earn money, tried to maintain my life in Hanoi and discovered it in my own way.

The special things in Hanoi is narrow alleys. Houses in it still keep the architectural beauty from the French colonial culture.

when you go deeply in it, you could see many daily activities from local people or just people from nearby regions coming to work and living here. there are some people had already lived in Hanoi for 20 years and they realized the change of Hanoi day after day.

Hanoi is political and press center in Vietnam. The city still develops every day. Many green trees were cut and instead by buildings and shopping malls . The more people come here, the more shop is opened up. Most of the first floor of house was used to trade product and the space of second floor to live.

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