Fair Market (research)

The photo story is about special traditional market, was taken in Dong Van rocky plateau and Du Gia ward (located in Yen Minh). Fair market is opened every Sunday of week. It is the center of economic and cultural activities. Every Sunday, a peaceful small village gets more vibrant and is full of activity as if it is a festival. Fair market is where you can find tribe people, such as Dao, Giay, Tay, Nung, Mong, Lo Lo. They flock here in order to trade their brocade clothes, goods, and livestock. Besides, the most outstanding thing is that the market is also for the youth to look for their dreamy sweethearts. Especially, there are interesting activities held by the local people in the 14th, 15th and 16th days of every lunar month. All of them will let you see typical traditional customs of the Northwest Vietnam.
Nowadays, Dong Van rock plateau is developing rapidly. There are many people from another region in Vietnam coming and doing business project with the aim is earning more money. In one aspect, it is good for their lives, their income and raise their standard living, but, in other aspect, it will lead to something badly for the ethnic culture. For example, Love Market (one of specialty traditional activity) is not kept by ethnic people or if it has, it’s also not have the cultural identify like these old days before.
So, I want to capture some of that moments as soon as possible. I want to keep some memories that will disappear in the future.

I intend to divide it into two separate parts.

The first part is normal talking about daily activities of tribe people and their portraiture at fair market Northwest Vietnam. And the whole of second parts I would like to focus on conveying information how people from other places come here are affecting tribe people daily life and what the downside of the unsustainable tourism plan.

Photos were taken in Dong Van rocky plateau and Du Gia ward, all are located in Ha Giang, Vietnam.



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